Friday, December 16, 2016

Literature Circle Calendar Update

Happy Friday!  Your student will be coming home with this information today.  As mentioned in the original 

Due to MAP testing in January, your next literature circle meeting will be held Monday, January 9th (A Day classes) or Tuesday, January 10th (B Day classes), 2017.  By this time, you must have completed your groups’ assigned reading for your first three meetings (original deadline Jan 4/5) and one of each of the three literature circle roles: Discussion Director, Vocabulary Enricher, and Literary Luminary (two were due in December, with the final one due at this meeting).  Additional copies of all roles sheets can be found on the Commons Blog or at 

Journal Entry #2 will be assigned and completed in class in January.  

Monday, December 12, 2016

Literature Circle Update - Part 2

To assist our students in preparation for Literature Circle, I have created a link to our important Literature Circle documents, including PDF copies of all three role sheets.  

Instructions on, and the template for, setting up your online reading journal are also included. Journal entries for A-day classes were due this past Friday, December 9th, and journal entries for B-day classes are due this Wednesday, December 14th.  Please note that due to several schedule changes we will not have a second journal entry due before the Winter Break.  

Finally, all students should be taking their Literature Circle books home with them in the evening.  If your child has not yet returned his or her permission form for book take-home, please make sure that it is turned in before the Winter Break.  Additional copies of the agreement permission form are available at the documents links or from Mrs. Delgado.  If you have any questions regarding Literature Circle assignments or expectations, please contact me at  Thank you!

Link: Important Literature Circle Documents

Literature Circle Update

Please note that students who usually see Ms. Delgado on Thursdays (rotational groups McDonald, Hudson, and Gonzales) have had a change made to their first online journal due date. The first entry will not be due until Wednesday, December 14th.

Also, please note that students are expected to have read their assigned chapters and completed their role sheet before they come to class on their assigned meeting days. While there is time given to complete this work in class during the week, students who have not completed work during class are expected to complete their work at home in order to meet their meeting deadlines. Due to the high number of students who did not have completed work, our first literature circle meetings had to be postponed to this week. Please remind your student that failure to be prepared for literature circle may result in receiving an alternate assignment.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cool Community Kids: Graffiti Wipeout!

Our Community Class painted over graffiti this morning!  Thank you parents, siblings, and Community Kids for doing such a wonderful job!  It was a little chilly, but Ms. Delgado warmed us with her kindness and hot chocolate! 😊  Well done everyone!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Visual Arts and Animation Wondercourse News!

The Visual Arts and Animation Wondercourse will be traveling to ArtPace on Friday, December 9th. If you have a student in this course and are available and qualified to chaperone (background check and training on file), we would love to have you come with us. If you are available, please contact Emily Delgado at by Thursday.

Thank you!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Cool Community Class!

Hello everyone!  Our Cool Community Class will be making dog and cat toys for our local animal shelters!  If you have any old T-shirts or towels you would like to donate, please send them with your student by Friday December 9th!

Also - Cool Community Class kids, don't forget to turn in your Graffiti Wipeout permission slip!  Permission slips are due by Friday!  Find out details about the event here.

Thank you!😊