Monday, January 30, 2017

Literature Circle Book Return

All literature circle books should be returned to Mrs. Delgado this week.  A day students' books are due on Wednesday, February 1st.  B day students' books are due on Thursday, February 2nd.  All literature circle books must be returned by Friday, February 3rd.  

Is your book lost or damaged?  Please send in a replacement copy or contact Mrs. Delgado about acquiring a replacement.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Order Deadline Extended until Monday, January 30th!

Ms. Sisson has extended the deadline for book orders until Monday, January 30th.  Any student wishing to order a personalized, autographed copy of Lee Bacon's Joshua Dread series of books and/or his newest novel Legendtopia must return their order form by Monday. 

Order forms were sent home and can also be found at this link.  Additional copies are also available in the library.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Reminder: Author Visit Book Orders due Tomorrow, Friday 1/27/17

We have two awesome author visits coming soon to our campus!

Lee Bacon, author of Joshua Dread and Legendtopia, will be visiting ALA at Fox Tech on Wednesday, February 15th.  Personalized and autographed copies of the books are available, but must be ordered by Friday, January 27th.  Order forms were sent home last week, and additional forms are available at the following link and in the library.

To view the order form, click the following link:  Lee Bacon Book Order Form

Then, on March 2nd, the library will have a special presentation on the new book Mary Bower and the Civil War Spy Ring.  Autographed copy of this book are available as well.  The deadline for order forms for Mary Bower and the Civil War Spy Ring is February 15th.  

To view the order form, please visit the following link: Mary Bower Book Order Form

Thursday, January 19, 2017

We will be attending a symphony performance at the Tobin Center tomorrow, January 20th. Students are encouraged to wear their Sunday best, but uniforms are also acceptable.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Semester Transition Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

We will begin conferencing the week of Jan 17th.

Please contact your home group teacher to schedule your meeting.

Emily Delgado
Kristie Gonzales
Saraah Hudson
Rachel McDonald
Tania Sanuye
D Schattel

Family Report Card Pick Up Night

Wednesday, Jan 18

6 pm - 7

in the cafeteria

UIL Practice

Students may go to the library each morning from 8- 8:30 to practice. Practice is not mandatory but it is recommended that students practice 2-3 times a week. An in-house competition will be held in Feb to determine the students who will be advancing to district competition. We will post that date as soon as it has been determined.

For any further information contact Laura Sisson @

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Students visit History in Motion

The History in Motion RV takes students through stations that highlight San Antonio and Texas history, including:
Six Flags of Texas
Leaders, Influencers & Texas Heroes
San Antonio Military & Sports
Business & Economy
Cultures in San Antonio
Historical artifacts
Major Historical Stories & Events
Each student received an activity book as a companion to his or her journey through the exhibit.

Communication is Key!

In an effort to improve communication in The Commons Community, we have implemented a couple of strategies.

The first is the student binder. Each student has a binder that has sections for each of his/her courses, a "homework" and "papers need to be signed" sheet protector, a flyer/information pocket, and a "remove these papers pocket". The expectation is that students take their binder to each course each day. It should go home each afternoon and come back each morning. Families should set up a home procedure for using the notebook to keep everyone informed and to stay on top of assignments and forms that are due.

The second strategy is our Commons Google calendar. The calendar can be accessed on our blog. We will post events there as we know them, so that we can all again stay on top of assignments and forms that are due. For your convenience, the ALA calendar can also be accessed from our blog.

The students are learning to manage their time, responsibilities and belongings. Communication amongst them, their parents and teachers will enhance that opportunity.

As always, we appreciate and encourage your input.
We can be reached at:

Emily Delgado
Kristie Gonzales
Saraah Hudson
Rachel McDonald
Tania Sanuye
D Schattel

Lost and Found Items!

We have sooo many items accumulated from the first day of school!

If you know you're missing something, ask your student to look for it. And of course, you're welcome to come look for yourself.

Beginning this month, on the last school day of each month, we are going to donate all items to Goodwill or a local shelter.

As always, we appreciate your input as we work to improve our systems.
We can be reached at:

Emily Delgado
Kristie Gonzales
Saraah Hudson
Rachel McDonald
Tania Sanuye
D Schattel